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Caribbean Hot Chocolate: the Taste of Nostalgia

Updated: Apr 15

Growing up in Antigua, our family would have chocolate tea every Sunday morning. Mommy would grate the chocolate bar (a Dutch-processed cocoa bar) into the milk alongside nutmeg and cinnamon. And, if we were lucky, an extra spoonful of sugar. The first sip was heaven; we would savor each sip of this Sunday morning treat.

Years later, when our family immigrated to the United States, we brought the memories of our family recipes with us and incorporated them into our new life. While we didn't have access to the same ingredients we had back home, we decided to adapt them to our new home, and thus, our Caribbean Spiced Hot Chocolate was born. With every sip, we're reminded of those precious memories of growing up in our small island village and the care my mother took in making this drink.

Our favorite way to drink it is by simmering a cup of full-fat milk (dairy or non-dairy) and mixing in 1/2 tablespoon of chocolate mix with cane sugar. Sugar cane is what every Antiguan uses in their drinks and sweet treats and is the best way to enjoy this island drink.

Enjoy this drink any time of the year to start your day or end it on a relaxing note. Your tastebuds will thank you.

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